Project Partners

The Department of Landscape at Sheffield is at the forefront of landscape education and research in the UK and has been carrying out research into wild and natural-looking urban landscapes for many years. After writing her PhD thesis on woodland as a setting for housing and new settlements Dr Anna Jorgensen has continued to conduct research into the values, uses and perceptions of urban wildscapes. Marian Tylecote is currently researching the potential uses of spontaneously occurring and planted herbaceous vegetation in urban settings for her PhD thesis.

Richard Keenan has spent the last nine years working on the communication of environmental and social issues both in marketing and communications and as an artist. He began working for a regional organisation in Yorkshire in 2002 and left to set up Environment Room Ltd in 2005. After five years as Director, he moved on from the company and is now focusing on creative projects that explore contemporary society.

Katy Mugford believes that adventure, imagination and play are equally important for adults and children. She studied Art History at the University of York and Birkbeck College, London. She writes and paints.